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Rachal Mills Lennon, M.A., CG, FASG
Your Problem-Solving Specialist

Have you hit a brick wall?

Are you puzzled over a wife's identity? Have you used all the resources known to you and still can't prove a kinship or separate same-name people who lived in the same place and time? Have you succeeded in finding many records that still don't give you an answer to your research problem? Are you curious about your ancestry, but simply don't have the time to pursue it?

Silent ancestors need not remain silent!

I can help you find the personal history you seek. The menu bar, above, offers links to sample cases, demonstrating a variety of ways in which brick-wall problems can be solved. Many of the ideas there—drawn from my three decades of experience in solving brick-wall problems, recreating ancestral lives, and telling their stories—can be applied to your own dead ends.​


If you want help with actual research or would like me to evaluate your problem and devise a work plan you can pursue at your own pace, you'll find three approaches described under the Services tab.

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